About Us

Qmora LLC was founded by Mark Kennedy Jr, a former dispatcher for a large regional cement bulk trucking company. After years of serving as a dispatcher for his family’s company, Mark recognized the challenges and stress that comes with sitting in the dispatcher chair. During his tenure as a dispatcher, Mark worked with spreadsheets and whiteboards to manage time-critical loads because there was no viable software solution that fit the business.

After earning a degree in Computer Science, Mark was determined to develop a software solution that would simplify the dispatch process for bulk truck hauling companies whose businesses depended on getting the right truck at the right place at the right time. In 2015, Mark founded Qmora to focus on this important initiative full-time.

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Empowering Dispatchers, Improving Efficiencies, and Increasing Your Profits

Knowing that not everyone dispatches the same way, Mark worked with his software development team to ensure Qmora would provide a flexible solution that simplified the process, but kept the dispatcher in control. Today Qmora’s cloud-based software empowers dispatchers by doing the “heavy lifting” for all the complex timing calculations and compliance tracking. The software provides predictive intelligence and alerts to help the dispatcher be more proactive and make smart decisions.

Thanks to Mark’s experience in the dispatcher chair, Qmora is very intuitive and easy-to-use. It dramatically simplifies the complex tasks required in dispatching for bulk trucking companies to improve performance and profitability

The Qmora Difference

In the past, the only viable option for managing dispatching was using spreadsheets, whiteboards or antiquated software that didn’t fit the needs of the bulk trucking industry. Qmora now provides a cloud-based dispatch software that is designed specifically for the bulk trucking industry and supply chain fleet management companies that rely on time-sensitive dispatching.

Qmora was built from the ground up using our own experience sitting in the dispatch chair. Our team focused on creating a solution that feels natural and reduces stress on dispatchers. Ultimately, we developed a faster, easier and smarter way to dispatch.