As a cloud-based solution, Qmora is accessible from anywhere and at any time – so it frees dispatchers to check schedules, make adjustments and check-in from anywhere.

Predictive Start Time

We can take a look at the first load of the day and give you an estimate on what time they should start.

Daily Route Overview

Simply click on the assign group to see a high level overview of their day on an actual map with each waypoint.

Estimated Hours

Know right away if your drivers are within the federal hours worked laws, and how many hours they have left.

Anywhere Access

Check your schedule, dispatch your fleet or just check in – anywhere, anytime.

Easy Order Entry

Fast and easy order entry from anywhere in the software.

Drag-n-drop Scheduling

Quickly build and adjust schedules – it’s all at a place like a virtual whiteboard.

Email/SMS Notifications

Easily let your drivers know what time to arrive at the yard with a simple SMS/Email notification.

GPS Integration

Our open API allows us to talk to most GPS providers and leverage driver location to auto-status.

At-a-glance Load Info

Easily see all your relevant times, assignments, notes, and changes on a load with a simple click.

Start of Day PDF

Print or Email a PDF letting your drivers, mechanics, and office staff know their first round for the next day.

Tablet Friendly

Remotely access your company using the touch-friendly features of an iPad of Microsoft Surface.

Dynamic Load Management

When jobs get rained out, changed, or canceled, easily move them between drivers or statuses.